Slow Food Oxon - February update


Dear Slow Food Oxon members,

It has been a long while since the last update - many miles have been covered since then and many a discussion held regarding the impact of what we put on our plate, on the world we live in!

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the Slow Food movement lately. It made me think a lot about why I was part of it and what was the message I wanted to promote...
Yesterday Sunday lunch sums it up: I went shopping at my local farm shop which happens to also sell locally baked bread and local butcher. It was a simple Sunday roast, with good quality ingredients and I was delighted to be able to tell my hosts about where it came from... they live quite nearby, so they will go to the farm shop, to the butcher, to the baker... and maybe slowly but surely become more active members of their food community...

These are the reasons why I joined Slow Food, to be part of that community and to share it with others. I hope this year will give us the opportunity to make you more aware of the wonders there are out there!

1/ AGM
We held the AGM at the beginning of the month at the Big Bang restaurant on Walton Street in Oxford, ideal venue for an AGM with good earthy food: sausages (and what sausages!) and mash, lovely hosts and great company obviously
Thanks again to those of you who managed to brave the snow to be there that night
It was a great evening, with lots of ideas exchange, good food tips being shared and a great update on the Slow Food Youth Movement from Paul. It was exhilarating to be amongst passionate people who all had their views on how to best promote our cause

Liz has kindly put together the minutes for that evening (see attachment). From that evening resulted what's follows. The committee had decided to let the members run the events and concentrate on a few key gathering such as the Children Food Festival and the Slongest lunch... the list below will tell you that there is a demand for more! which is great!

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions

2/ Future events
we just had a great tour of a local brewery in Brill: the Vale Brewery,, with the guys making it happen. There local pub food was heart warming, all the more for the delicious beer!

Coming up
March - fine dining - details and venue tbc by the organisors
- Liz' book Club (25/03/09, Oxford Summertown wine cafe, no fees no bookings, better with the book but not compulsory!)
April - Art and Gastronomy weekend in Paris - Muryel to put a proposal together
- How to read food labels workshop - Speaker/date to be confirmed - organisor wanted
May - sweet wine and food match event - Muryel / Jeremy to organise - date (08 or 15/05) / venue tbc
June - Children Food Festival - SFUK organising
- North Aston Organic Dairy - Open day - John/ Jane to organise
July - Pot luck Ice Cream and sorbet tasting (BYI event) - organisor wanted
August - what about a good old BBQ with local produces - let's find a BBQ place close to a pub in case it rains! organisor wanted
September - What is Palm Oil - lecture / tasting - Jane, Liz, Jim and Muryel to organise
October - Food and Wine matching workshop - Ian, Geoffrey and Muryel to organise
November - Bread baking workshop - week day event by William Black - I would need you to tell me which day would suit you all better excluding Thurs, Fri and Sat!
Alternative to this would be a visit to Natural Bread Co with Jane
December - Christmas dinner - we missed out last year - would be happy to block a date now - how about Friday 11/12 - will decide on event and venue at a later stage - when I have confirmation from you re your attendance - organisor wanted

and many more yet to be organised:
- chocolate tasting
- tea tasting
- local Orchards tour
- winery visit
- Food history /history of gastronomy workshop/dinner/ lecture
- Tour of Transylvania (Jim Turnbull)

the list above is by no mean exhaustive but we need members to take ownership of an event, pull it together, tell us about it so that we can communicate on the website and run with it!

3/ Children Food Festival
We had a meeting today at the Northmoor Trust with Eka (the festival manager), Alan Roe (SFUK vice chair) and Tamara
Eka told us about the fantastic program they have put together and all the opportunities for Slow Food UK to support / particpate to this event
To keep an eye on the program, go to:
This festival runs with the help of volunteers - it is on between from 27th until 28th of June, on the Northmoor trust grounds and while it is still early days in terms of Slow Food participation, I am sure Eka would be grateful for any spare hands before, during and after the event
so please do drop me a note if you would like to participate (it could be on a stand other than a Slow Food one)

Alan has committed to come back to us with a proposal by the end of March so cross fingers, Slow Food will be there as an active participant!

4/ The Slongest lunch
I have been talking to you about this event for a while
we presented a first written proposal at the last AGM (see document attached)
the current view is that we migt be able to pull of a miniature event this year in prep for a full blow street party in 2010
the intention is to meet with volunteers on a very regular basis to make the project progress - there is a lot to do in terms of organisation: identify partners, get authorization from local authorities, sort out payment methods, confirm format, date etc...
it is crucial that we get a bunch of committed people to give us a hand and it'd be great to hear from those of you who might be looking a new challenge this year!

We are meeting next with some committee members and volunteers on the 8/03 (Sunday) at lunch time to refine our proposal and agree on responsibilities - please do let me know if you are interested in attending (venue tbc at this point in time)

5/ Slow Food UK
There is a lot going on for the moment at Slow Food UK and we have been told today that the new structure should be make public within the next coming weeks
The campaigns they have launched last year: the Bread campaign and the Orchard campaign are still on

6/ Coming food events
- The Fairtrade Fortnight - starting today!

- Real Food Festival - London:

that's all folks!

Kindest regards

Slow Food Oxon Convivium Leader
+44 7920558983

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