Events idea box - all for you to fill!


just a tought following our book club meeting last night...

usually there is so many ideas coming out of these sessions and so little time to implement them

however with 80 of us, surely we can bring a few to life!


- Moldova tour - reunion dinner - 9/12/08:

  • Brewery visit beginning of March in Thames
  • Rare breed beef farm visit - time of the year to be dictated by the farmer-
  • North Aston Organic dairy open day in summer


- Chocolate book club -14/01/09 ideas:

  • what's being palm oil? - maybe we could find a book about this
  • Art and Gastronomy weekend in Paris this spring to attend the Kandinsky exhibition at le centre Pompidou... gastronomic and foodies events could be tag onto that such as a sunday lunch at la Brasserie Lipp, a visit at the Ringis market...a chocolatier, a proper people watching coffee session 'en terrasse' etc...

 - Committee meeting - 16/01/09 ideas:

  • Slongest lunch - getting more ideas on how to develop this into a proper event
  • more book signing events under the SFO Book club umbrella (we have a few food book authors amongst our members
  • wine tasting - sweet wine from Italy
  • wine and food matching
  • how to read food labels workshop - taste the E number event!
  • Vodka tasting from the East!


All we need now is 2 sets of names: organisers and participants!


Looking forward to hearing form you all!