Slow Food Oxon update - July 2007


Dear Slow Food Oxon Members:


This is my monthly update, for July, with a summary of recent events and a list of upcoming events in our area. A little bit long this time, please bear with me…


Slow Food Oxon Events


Launch of Slow Food Moldova Convivium

Thank you all for your help and support to open a new Convivium, in fact – to launch Slow Food in Moldova! I held a presentation in Chisinau on 21 June in front of 45 people and more than 20 decided to join Slow Food Moldova. The National Museum for Ethnography and Natural History of Moldova kindly offered their best hall for the event, in a fantastic setting. Farmers who attended Terra Madre 2006 participated and are sending their sincere appreciation for our fundraising efforts back in 2006, which made their trip to Turin possible. The £90 raised was more than enough to hire the place, buy the food & drink and get some gifts, thank you! We wish Tatiana, Leader of Slow Food Moldova good luck, perseverance and success! Tatiana is very keen to organise exchange tours next summer, so we’ll be working on this idea together.


Slow Food Oxon in Schools

Muryel Boulay kindly volunteered and visited Chandlings Manor School in Abingdon on their Food Day (8 June) with a presentation about Bread.

Bread was definitely a good theme, says Muryel. I did a small talk about Slow Food trying to make sure they understood the good, clean and fair message. I managed to get some fresh bread from the Old Farm House bakery in Steventon. The bakery bread was absolutely delicious and still warm.  I had prepared a dough the night before so they were able to smell and touch a 4 hours vs 12 hours dough and appreciate the yeast activity.

I managed to make them understand that water and flour are enough to make bread. I asked them to describe the appearance, odour, texture and flavour of the breads then gave them a granary one from the bakery and they loved it!  I do believe they will remember the message... Slow Food and local bakery. They all left with a Slow Food membership leaflet, a brochure from the bakery and a bread recipe, courtesy of Andrew Whitley from 'Bread matters'. I'd say it is all worth it and it'd be great to do similar things at different schools! Many thanks to Muryel, well done!



SF Oxon Book Club

Our Book Club met yesterday to discuss Ruth Reichl’s “Garlic and Sapphires…”. Ruth will be Guest Speaker at this year’s Oxford Food Symposium (see below). In fact the book has inspired us to start our own “restaurant review group”, with a first diner at The White Lion in Crays Pond on 1 August. Interested? Sign up with us by 11 July. The next Book Group meeting is on 26 September, this time with Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: Our Year of Seasonal Eating by Barbara Kingsolver.


Children’s Food Festival, 14-15 July, Abingdon airfield

Organisers are still looking for volunteers, any time, any day, before, during or after the festival (12, 13, 14, 15, 16 July). If you’d like to sign up, download the Volunteer Form on . I will have Slow Food t-shirts for you to wear, just let me know if you are going to participate as a volunteer. Otherwise, take your children/grandchildren and come along! Once in a lifetime experience this promises to be.




Friday, 3 August, 6pm onwards

A few members have volunteered to prepare a Mexican homemade dinner for all those who love tortillas, tacos, fajitas, chilli con carne, guacamole, salsa, and many more. It is going to be fun, with Mexican music and drinks. Please come along and support the Leader going to Mexico for the 5th Slow Food Congress. Cost: £10 a person + your own Corona or Tequila. Camping site available if too many drinks taken. Tolhurst Organic have kindly offered their shed in the Hardwick walled garden. Please sign up and send your cheque by 27 July (see address below). An email with details and directions will be sent to all those who choose to party with us.



The 26th annual meeting of the Oxford Symposium takes place this year at St Catherine's College, Oxford, 7-9 Sept.2007, on the subject of FOOD AND MORALITY.  The opening address is to be given by Ruth Reichl, editor of Gourmet magazine, followed by a panel on products that present ethical problems: Raymond Blanc on Kobe beef; Henrietta Green on chickens; Armando Manni on olive oil labelling; John Scharffenberger on Fair-Trade goods; and Prof. Tim Lang will speak on public policy.  About 50 papers on relevant subjects will be discussed over the two days. Registration forms can be dowloaded, and abstracts of these can be viewed on



SF Berkshire & Wiltshire

For additional info please email Clare Marriage

Saturday 28th July
Demonstration of sausage making and a hands-on opportunity to make your own
links followed by a BBQ lunch. The Kindersley Centre, Lambourn, Berkshire by kind permission of Mr & Mrs P Kindersley Cost £10

Saturday 11th August or Sunday 12th August
Producers, friends and guests bring a dish of food and bottle of drink to share at one long table. Each food producer gives a brief introduction to their dish during the meal. Cost; Free but booking and a dish of food essential.

Monday 3rd September
A guided tour and demonstration of jam and chutney production by preserves maestro Susie Kensett followed by a pub supper at The Red Lion Chievely. The Red Lion Chievely by kind permission of Susie Kensett Cost £15

Tuesday 18th September
Fishmonger Gerry Thurgut will demonstrate various methods of fish preparation followed by the opportunity to try your hand at filleting a fish. Light fish supper to follow. The Kindersley Centre, Lambourne by kind permission of Mr & Mrs P
Kinderseley. Cost £25

TERRA MADRE FUNDRAISING EVENT at La Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons
A very special dinner for you to enjoy at a special venue with the aim of raising funds for food producers in Gabon to hold their own Terra Madre Gabon.

Saturday 13th October
Clare Marriage will demonstrate various bread techniques and guide a hands-on bread making session. Doves Farm, Hungerford, Berkshire by kind permission of Mr & Mrs M Marriage Cost £10

Sunday 4th November
Join Debbie Hearn of the Little Big Fruit Campaign in this hedgerow harvest and hands of demonstration of how to use sloes to make alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks Doves Farm, Ham, Marlborough, Wiltshire by kind permission of Mr & Mrs M Marriage Cost £20

Monday 3rd December
Find out how to prepare fresh wild rabbit for the table in this demonstration of skinning, gutting, preparing and cooking. Followed by a game meat supper. The Kindersley Centre, Lambourn, Berkshire by kind permission of Mr & Mrs P Kindersley. Cost £25

Slow Food International update

Please follow the link below


Other Slow Food News


Slow magazine

Slow magazine will be stopped by the end of 2007 and replaced with an alternative publication, most likely an annual almanac.  For those of you with websites or promotional material advertising membership, please amend the text to remove Slow magazine as a benefit of membership.  Instead, the international office recommends that you replace it with ‘Slow Food publications’.  

Books Sales – Slow Food Nation & Slow Food Revolution

Copies of Carlo Petrini’s latest book, Slow Food Nation: Why our food should be good, clean and fair as well as the earlier publication, Slow Food Revolution, will shortly be able for purchase on the Slow Food UK website.    Copies are limited, so If you would like to place an order now, though, before they are made available to the public, then please contact Emanuele Bobbio ( for further details.   There is a special discounted price for members of £9.95 for Slow Food Nation and £12.99 for Slow Food Revolution, with a special offer of £19.95 if both books are purchased.  Postage and packing is extra.   Emanuele will confirm the total cost of your order and give you details of how to pay.

HomeMade project: take part on Friday 6th July @ 7pm

Boller + Brot’s HomeMade is a project addressing the social and cultural dimensions of food, from production to consumption, encouraging us in a humorous way to consider new ways of thinking about the apparently mundane, everyday act of eating.   HomeMade will be shown on Friday 6 July 2007, Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Huntly, Aberdeenshire.
The event will be accompanied by a buffet with slow food and fast snacks and broadcast over the web by 360TV. As part of the project a panel discussion on issues concerning Art, Food and Politics, is being held. Speakers include Pam Rodway, Director of Slow Food UK and Joanna Blytham, author of Bad Food Britain.   Voice your opinion by going online during the event at


Lots for you to see, read and do! Thank you for getting to the end of this Update!


With my Slow Regards,


Tamara Schiopu,

Slow Food Oxon