Slow Food Oxon update - March 2007 II


Dear Slow Food Members:

Please remember to sign up for our March Wine Tasting event, on 30 March in Oxford, at the Trinity College. We still have 8-9 places to fill up. Iain Bird has prepared an excellent range of wines to please everybody. There will also be cheese and bread for the hungry ones.

Next, we need to start recruiting volunteers for the Children's Food Festival at Northmoor Trust on 14-15 July, in Little Whitenham. Eka Morgan, our long-standing member is Festival Director. She has done an excellent job to recruit a stardom of chefs, teachers, writers, farmers, etc and she relies a lot on about 100 volunteers to help run the event throughout the 2 days. Eka agreed for all our members to wear "Ask me about Slow Food" T-shirts, which we'll have ready for the Festival. This will not only help Eka to run the festival but also will serve as a unique opportunity to promote Slow Food Oxon, and in general for all of us to enjoy it. If you think you can spare that weekend for Children/Slow Food, can you please let me know by 31 March, as we need to complete the Volunteers list. Eka also promised to assign "posh" jobs to our members, as much as possible, such as helping in one of the 7 "From Farm to Fork" marquees, help with Information, demonstrations and settings. So, I hope we can recruit at least 25-30 people to this great cause. Waiting for your kind offers now.