Slow Food in Snail Mail


Liz Wilding writes about Slow Food Oxon activities in Snail Mail - the national Slow Food magazine.

The SF Oxon Convivium has had (ironically!) a rather hectic schedule of events so far this year. 2007 seems to be a year for tastings. Even our book group combined a discussion of Mark Kurlansky’s Salt with a tasting of finishing salts from around the world. We were all a little thirsty by the end, but appreciated the chance to sample the differences between French fleur de sel and Hawaiian black lava salt, for example.

In March, Ian Bird led a wine tasting at Trinity College, where he looked specifically at the issues of accountability and industrialisation in the wine industry. As he argued, “much of the wine presented to consumers these days lacks real identity and traceability.” To counterbalance this trend, our ‘slow wine’ evening celebrated the flavours, diversity and excitement of regional wines.

In May, we had the opportunity to learn about growing, tasting and cooking with chocolate when Burgers of Marlow hosted an artisan chocolate evening. A fascinating talk on the history of chocolate was followed by a lively demonstration and of course plenty of sampling. By the time this goes to press we will also have had our first ever asparagus tasting, hosted by Tolhurst Organic Produce at the Hardwick Market Garden. After a farm walk, Sophie Grigson (a SF Oxon member) has kind offered to run the tasting and tell us more about cooking asparagus.

Please take a look at our website to see our future activities. We average at least one event per month and new members or guests are always welcome.