Slow Fish Genova, May 2007


Dear fellow Slow Food Oxon members

having been lucky enough to attend this year's version of the Slow Fish event, I'd like to share my notes with you all

All of what follows is my take on the workshops I attended and is not intending to represent Slow Food Oxon views on the event

Here is the programme I followed:

  • Friday 4/05/07:

Taste workshop: Oyster Pearls

  • Saturday 5/05/07:

Water workshop: Associations and the future of the Sea

Teatro del gusto:

1/ Luigi Pomata from Carloforte

2/ Virgula Delights

  • Sunday 6/05/07:
  • Water workshops:

    1/ The ethics of Protein

    2/ Sustainable development in developing countries

    Teatro del gusto: Jesus y los pescados

    Taste workshop: Lake fish from Lombardy