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Slow Food and Booths announce partnership deal


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Local tasting menu a success for Oxfordshire Convivium


With Terre Madre day a month away, the Oxon Convivium jumped the gun, and twenty Slow Food members enjoyed the talents of Andrew Hill, chef at The Half Moon, Cuxham, a thatched 17th Century gastro pub near Watlington, Oxon.

The efforts of Eilidh Ferguson, Andrew's partner for the last 8 years, in sourcing nearly all the produce from sustainable and local growers within 10 miles, shows just what can be done.  Post aperitif, Bob Nielson, the head viniculteur at local Brightwell Vineyard, gave a history and appreciation of his local wines, to set off  the whole evening perfectly.

From the initial service, the guests were quietly astonished, and as the meal progressed slowly with the rising volume of discussion and good comments heard so positively, all knew this was a special occasion.

Slow Pickings…


Published in the Real Food on-line supplement

At it’s heart, the Slow Food Movement is about real food made by real people. Nothing brings this home more than joining a local Slow Food group and getting stuck in. I’m fortunate to live near both the Oxford and Wiltshire group. Their activities thus far this year have included a memorable game evening at Sheepdrove Organic Farm, in Lambourn

Slow Food in Snail Mail


Liz Wilding writes about Slow Food Oxon activities in Snail Mail - the national Slow Food magazine.

The SF Oxon Convivium has had (ironically!) a rather hectic schedule of events so far this year. 2007 seems to be a year for tastings. Even our book group combined a discussion of Mark Kurlansky’s Salt with a tasting of finishing salts from around the world. We were all a little thirsty by the end, but appreciated the chance to sample the differences between French fleur de sel and Hawaiian black lava salt, for example.