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Slow Food Oxon update - December 2006


Dear Members and Supporters:

this is probably my last update in 2006 and to those of you who I won't see before Christmas, I would like to wish you a Happy Christmas & New Year!

It has been a very busy and fruitful year for Slow Food Oxon. I will prepare a report by end of January, but would like to list here a few highlights of the year:

Slow Food Oxon update - November 2006 II


Dear Slow Food Oxon members:

Let me update you on our local events – recent and upcoming.

Slowfood Student Dinner


The inaugural Slowfood Student meeting was a dinner at the Vault & Garden.

See the pictures, and read the Guardian article.

Slow Food Oxon update - November 2006


Dear Slow Food Oxon Members:

This is our monthly update on our recent and upcoming activities.

Slow Food Oxon update - October 2006


Dear Slow Food Members and Supporters:

This is my October update on our projects and activities.

First of all, Welcome to all our new members! We’ve reached the number of 70 now! Together with our supportes (who will join soon), we make almost 100 members! A couple more and we will have to split into two Convivia!

Slow Food Oxon update - September 2006 II


Dear Slow Food Oxon Members:

This is a monthly update to inform you on upcoming events and also, to Welcome! All our new members who have joined recently. Please use our website to see the list of future events and reports on our past events (in Features).